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Making Good On All You Ship | Carbon Offsets & Shipping Protection

eCommerce Platform, Shipping Protection, Sustainability

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About Corso

Corso allows merchants to supplement their sustainability efforts by offering Green Shipping Protection™ to their customers as a service. 

Corso calculates customers' carbon footprint and the cost to offset it at checkout. For about 1% of the order total, customers can opt in to have 100% of carbon emissions associated with the order offset, and the order will be fully protected against theft, damage, and carrier mishandling. 

Carbon offset funds will be contributed to carefully selected projects in partnership with Cool Effect, a nonprofit whose projects are 100% scientifically verified and ethically proven.
This app rolls neutralizing your carbon use & shipping protection into a small cost and allows me to offer my customers shipping protection and a way to offset their carbon. Easy to use. Fabulous customer service. Brilliant Team. Highly recommend.
Rosalee, Co-Founder at Maker's Outlet

Corso and Whiplash

Armed with the Corso + Whiplash partnership, merchants gain an extra layer of support with carrier issues in addition to being able to offset their carbon footprint for cleaner, greener logistics. Corsos concierge-level support will protect packages with their Green Shipping Protection™ service in 24 hours or less while offsetting up to 100% of carbon emissions associated with the last-mile delivery of their order.


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